19th Ave New York, NY 95822, USA

Ancestral Health Symposium

August 18-20, 2022


Los Angeles, CA


The Ancestral Health Symposium is an intimate event that brings together a community of scientists, healthcare professionals, and health enthusiasts who collaborate to understand health challenges from an evolutionary perspective. AHS22 will be at UCLA and will include talks, posters, movement sessions, workshops, and a welcome dinner.

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    About AHS

    The Ancestral Health Symposium is run the Ancestry Foundation, a 501(c)(3) non-profit. Our goal is to examine current health challenges through the context of our ancestral heritage. In modern science, evolution is the default perspective for inquiry, yet in modern healthcare, evolution is almost nowhere to be seen. The Ancestral Health Symposium is dedicated to providing a forum for sharing scientific theories about how diet, lifestyle, and environment can shape human health.

    The Journal of Evolution and Health

    The Journal of Evolution and Health is a peer-reviewed open-access journal sponsored by the Ancestral Health Society. The Journal’s mission is to explore how evolution has shaped and constrained human and animal biology, to develop insights into the major factors affecting health, and to translate those insights into practical methods for improving human and animal health.

    Recognizing that knowledge relevant to its mission is dispersed across many academic and clinical disciplines, the Journal of Evolution and Health is an interdisciplinary publication that seeks contributions from a broad range of sources and seeks to promote communication among scholars and clinicians.

    The Journal of Evolution and Health is produced in partnership with the Society for Evolutionary Medicine and Health/Gesellschaft für Evolutionäre Medizin und Gesundheit (EMG).