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Our goal is to examine current health challenges through the context of our ancestral heritage. In modern science, evolution is the default perspective for inquiry, yet in modern healthcare, evolution is almost nowhere to be seen. The Ancestral Health Symposium is dedicated to providing a forum for sharing scientific theories about how diet, lifestyle, and environment can shape human health.

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Ancestral Health Survey 2018

We would like to invite the ancestral health community to participate in a new online survey. This survey is designed for individuals whose current or former diet is based on a “paleo” framework. The results of this study will be compared to a previous survey from five years ago. To maintain consistency with the last study, the term “paleo” is used to describe those who aim to optimize human health today by examining our evolutionary or ancestral past. 
Specifically, this new survey seeks to accomplish three main goals:
1)  Describe how the size and composition of the ancestral health movement has changed over the past five years.
2)  Identify common practices and the most important motivating factors for both starting and quitting a paleo lifestyle.
3)  Predict the future trajectory of the ancestral health movement. The survey includes approximately 25 questions, and should take 3 to 5 minutes to complete. We are seeking as many respondents as possible in order to ensure a useable dataset and meaningful results.  
Please note: The results of this survey are for academic purposes only, and all responses are anonymous.  You must be 18 years old or older in order to participate in this survey. This survey has received IRB approval at SUNY New Paltz.  If you have any questions about the survey, please contact Dr. Hamilton M. Stapell at: stapellh@newpaltz.edu.

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The Journal of Evolution and Health

The Journal of Evolution and Health is a peer-reviewed open-access journal sponsored by the Ancestral Health Society. The Journal’s mission is to explore how evolution has shaped and constrained human and animal biology, to develop insights into the major factors affecting health, and to translate those insights into practical methods for improving human and animal health.

Recognizing that knowledge relevant to its mission is dispersed across many academic and clinical disciplines, the Journal of Evolution and Health is an interdisciplinary publication that seeks contributions from a broad range of sources and seeks to promote communication among scholars and clinicians.

The Journal of Evolution and Health is produced in partnership with the Society for Evolutionary Medicine and Health/Gesellschaft für Evolutionäre Medizin und Gesundheit (EMG).