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Phone: 720-613-0141

Thank you to our Program Committee for AHS18!

  • Anthony Basile, MSc
  • Aaron Blaisdell, PhD
  • Tess Falor PhD
  • Naomi Norwood
  • Amanda Oakley
  • Kayta Orlova PhD
  • Hamilton. M. Stapell PhD
  • J. Brett Smith MSc
  • Guillermo Ruiz NMD

Board Members

A board of dedicated volunteers oversees and operates the Society’s business and activities. The volunteer board changes over time as new people step up to lead the Society.

Anyone can request copies of Ancestry’s financials by e-mailing Tess Falor at We’re committed to ensuring that Ancestry’s resources are used effectively and appropriately to benefit the public through education in accordance with our nonprofit mission.

Ancestral Health Society Board of Directors

  • Naomi Norwood — President
  • Amanda Styles, MSc — Executive Director, Vice President
  • Anthony Basile, MSc — Secretary
  • Tess Falor, PhD — Treasurer
  • Aaron Blaisdell PhD
  • Jake Jacobson
  • Chris Masterjohn PhD
  • J. Brett Smith MSc
  • Hamilton M. Stapell PhD